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Educating the future

Founder: Adam Hegedus

Adam (he/him) leads a social impact portfolio of work across the not-for-profit, international development, and higher education sectors. He is the Managing Director of Educating The Future, a youth-run NGO building pre-schools in Timor-Leste with the aim of educating 2000 children by 2025.


He received a Bachelor of Commerce (Co-Op) from UNSW and a First Class Honours at the University of Sydney. He is also the Company Secretary and COO of Teach Us Consent, an advocacy campaign leading the consent movement in the Australian curriculum. He plans to continue studying in Public Policy and Social Impact.

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adam's Story

Adam first visited Timor-Leste in 2014 as a curious 16-year-old with a social justice lens. After visibly seeing the disparity in education and living standards, he decided to walk 800km with his best friend to raise $20,000 for education. Instead of donating these funds, they decided to start a charity with the support of their local Eastern Suburbs of Sydney community.


Adam started Educating The Future as an 18-year old before starting his university studies. As Managing Director, he visited Timor-Leste 9-times supporting 35 undergraduate Australian students on young leader development trips. He led his team to construct a pre-school run by UNICEF Timor-Leste in 2017. In 2018, Educating The Future received funding from DFAT, and entered into a partnership with the Ministry of Education Timor-Leste to open two additional pre-schools in 2021. The NGO recently received its ACFID accreditation and is beginning the construction of its fourth school.


His interest in poverty eradication has led him to also work with Project Child Indonesia and the Ministry of Education Timor-Leste HANDS Pre-School Programme as a New Colombo Plan Scholar 2019. Adam has completed the AICD Governance Essentials Course. Today, Educating The Future has over 50 active volunteers in Australia and Timor-Leste with ambitions to scale and grow its impact in a sustainable and innovative manner.


I love meeting, connecting, learning from, and mentoring young leaders in the social impact space! Get in touch!

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