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We hold virtual and in-person events regularly throughout the year, from competitions to speaker & networking events to panel discussions. 


YEC Talks

YEC Talks are our flagship speaker & networking events where executives come in to talk about their respective industries - trends, career trajectories and more! Industry insights are invaluable and working professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can benefit students no matter their aspirations and chosen career path!


From entrepreneurs to industry experts, we build a diverse speaking panel with representatives from multiple industries and occupations, including but not limited to: company executives, founders, investors, university professors, industry professionals, politicians and athletes! Students also get to network with speakers and other students, meeting like-minded people and making lifelong connections. 

Skill Development Workshops

Intense, structured workshops that teach you skills you need? Yes please! There are a range of skills that are difficult to learn at school and university, and that’s where we come in…


Leadership Development Days are exclusively for our “Interschools'' Club Leaders and a few other hand picked candidates, aimed at teaching skills necessary to lead, influence and manage people. Delivered during school holidays, these workshops are crucial for levelling up and strongly aligned with our mission of nurturing the next generation of leaders and impact makers!


Other workshops are also frequently hosted for all students aiming to develop skills such as networking, investing, startup basics and more!

Featured Event

YEC Talks | Speaker & Networking Event

Speaker List:

Jeremy Tang - Head of Product & Customer Experience at Humanitix

Rob Haggett - Co Founder of Caia, Ex-Deloitte, Ex-EY


Billy & Mo Taha - AMG Brand Manager at Mercedes-Benz and Asia-Pacific Marketing Lead at Motorola respectively, Co Founders of Sydney Brunch Crawler 


Daniel Grynberg - Director at The Bread & Butter Project

Isaiah James Peralta - Head of Distributed Services at Finder


Aaron Ngan - CEO of JA Australia, Guest Lecturer at UTS 


Venue: UTS Startups

Date: January 2020

Attendee Count: 61

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