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About us

Young Entrepreneurs Connect (YEC) is an organisation dedicated to fostering a culture of youth entrepreneurship in Australia. Joining the ranks of leading startup hubs like Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, London and Beijing, Australia is rapidly becoming a global player in the startup space. Our startup landscape is bustling with activity and VCs are pouring millions into innovative ideas every year. Our vision is to build a globally leading ecosystem right here in Australia.


How will we do this? 


People are at the epicentre of what we do. Our mission is to nurture the next generation of leaders and impact makers, as the young people of today are the pioneers of tomorrow. Industries are changing every 3-5 years and the future of the workplace is unclear. Companies need bright minds to navigate structural shifts in the economy, similar to the one we saw with the Covid-19 pandemic, and for that we need a talent pool of graduates with entrepreneurial traits and mindsets.


Our culture is guided by our three core values: Entrepreneurship, Ambition and Self-Development


Our Definitions

Entrepreneurship: Using limited and existing resources to solve big problems by unlocking synergies between people, processes and mindsets.


Ambition: A personality trait of never being satisfied and always going above & beyond to advance humanity and civilisation. 


Self-Development: Upgrading oneself continuously because extraordinary outcomes are only achievable by extraordinary people.

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