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Co-founder: Visakhan Vythilingam

Hi guys! I’m currently a Senior Consultant in KPMG’s Sustainability team!


My journey into sustainability has been really interesting! I graduated high school in 2015 and studied a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Applied Finance at university, graduating in 2019. I found my degree challenging and enjoyed being involved in societies such as the Actuarial Society and 180 Degrees Consulting! I was fortunate enough to get a grad role at KPMG for 2020, initially in the Tech Risk and Cyber team.

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my Story

I was in my second year of working full-time, and despite working in tech and cyber, I had developed a passion for sustainability. I moved out of home at the start of the never-ending 2021 lockdown and met my university friend, Maya, and that's how Greenfluence was born! There was so much opportunity to educate young people about sustainability beyond just climate change, linking it to finance, renewable energy, and policy. We wanted to try something ourselves and I knew that starting a podcast was a great side hustle for young people. It initially began as a passion project, but we are happy to say that it has developed into something far bigger!


It has been almost 14 months since our launch, and there have certainly been challenges and milestones along the way. The biggest challenge has been time management. Balancing the commitments of a full-time job can get busy, but working in a space that I'm passionate about and where I can directly make an impact helps me get through it! A milestone that I'm really happy about is that we have built a team of passionate young people who are doing "Greenfluence work" based on their own goodwill. Being able to create opportunities and see them grow is very important.


If you're passionate about something and want to give it a try, go ahead and start a side hustle. As a young person, there is so much opportunity and very little downside risk.


I love talking to passionate young people with big ideas and a passion for making a difference! Feel free to connect with me, would love to grab coffee (also feel free to recommend a good self-help book!)

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