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Khameleon Kickz

Founder: Justin Michael

I am a 21 year old entrepreneur growing up in Western Sydney. I graduated from All Saints Senior College in 2018 and am currently studying a Bachelor of Business and Creative Intelligence at uni, as well as working for eBay. 

Outside of Khameleon Kickz I trade Forex and Crypto with managed capital through a prop trading firm - mentoring aspiring traders on the side!

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my Story

At the age of 14, I founded Khameleon Kickz in order to earn extra money to buy a PS4. To get the business off the ground, I used $50 that I had saved up to buy paint and a pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, which I then customized for my friends at school. Initially, this was just a hobby for me, but as I began networking and building my brand, it quickly grew in popularity throughout my high school years. I invested in personal development and made connections with the right people, which led to my customs being worn by high-profile clients like American rapper Tyga. I eventually gained a large following in the sneaker and art scene in Australia and Khameleon Kickz became well-known even without doing any promotions. I went on to customize sneakers for celebrities both locally and internationally, as well as DJs and athletes in Sydney. 


Teaching classes on sneakers to hundreds of students, hosting pop-up shops around Sydney and collaborating with major companies would not have been possible without a great amount of effort. Determination and hard work will always be necessary for anyone looking to take their business or side hustle to a national or international level. 


If you are eager to collaborate and spark new ideas to change your paradigm lets connect!

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