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Founder: Ryan Nindra

Ryan graduated from Barker College in 2017. His interests in health economics and international finance made him focus his majors around improving the world we live in through social funding and development.


Ryan held many different society positions whilst at university, including being President and Chair of the University Network for Investing and Trading (UNIT), as well as the Internal Strategy Director within 180 Degrees Consulting. Upon graduation, Ryan started his career at PwC, working as an assurance associate. He currently works at EY as a consultant within the government and public health team.

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ryan's Story

In today's competitive job market, it is imperative to stand out among a tough crowd. As a university
student, it is a difficult process to find your niche and develop your personal soft skills to launch your
career. During Ryan’s time at university, he had firsthand experience with the difficulties of securing 
employment after graduation.


In starting his own organization, Starlite, his mission is to provide a holistic experience for students to develop both soft skills and industry acumen to bridge the gap between tertiary study and full-time employment. When starting this business, a massive challenge was understanding what to actually do to make the greatest impact – an idealistic and ambitious 18-year-old would love to do everything. 

A key piece of advice to give to any young entrepreneur would be this: in order to enjoy what you
do, you need to be passionate about it. Whether it’s starting a business, starting a job, undertaking
further study – you need to have the passion to do it. If your passion is there, you have all you need to succeed.


I’d love to hear about your stories! I am always open for coffee, mentorship and advice!

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